Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.  Outback Internet collects contact information (Personal Information) from our website when voluntarily provided by you.  This is for the purpose of contacting prospective and existing clients to evaluate location serviceability and/or responding to support requests.  Personal Information would only be provided to third parties (e.g. subcontractors) for the purpose of providing support to you when using our service.  Personal Information collected is not sold or distributed to third parties for any other purpose. 


When you subscribe to our services  you may provide payment information for the purpose of paying your Internet service fees.  This information is maintained by a secure third party payment processing provider that is CPNI compliant.

Any updates to our Privacy Policy will be reflected on our website.

Open Internet Disclosure

Outback Internet is locally owned and operated wireless Internet service provider.  We value our clients and our community.  We strive to bring you the best rural Internet coupled with premium service and support.  We want to share with you our network technology and network management practices.


Our Network Technology


Outback Internet uses a combination of technologies to provide very high-speed Internet to rural areas.  We connect our network to the Internet through enterprise class fiber optic connections, the fastest method of connecting to the Internet.  Communications across our network and the “last mile” connections to our customers are via very high-speed wireless technology.  Unlike satellite based Internet services, our wireless technology is ground based and does not transmit to a satellite in space.  The advantage is that our wireless signal only travels a small number of miles rather than the tens of thousands of miles to make the round trip to a satellite.  Unlike satellite based Internet services, our wireless technology is rarely affected by weather.  Wireless connectivity depends on having a clear line of sight from one of our transmitters to your residence or business.  If for example, a tree grows into the path of the wireless signal, your network performance will be degraded.  We will advise you of potential line of sight issues prior to installation as it will be your responsibility to maintain a clear line of sight while you are using our service.  


Typical latencies to the Internet are 20-60ms which are generally suitable for real-time applications.  These latencies can vary with load and activity on the network and are subject to change dynamically.


Wireless technology can be subject to interference from other wireless or electronics devices.  This includes indoor WiFi units in your home or nearby.   Interference levels can also change from time to time.  While we attempt to work around interference, it is not necessarily under our control and may impact your network performance.


Our stated speeds are “up to” speeds.  You should generally expect to receive  90% to 100% of our stated speeds although during occasional occurrences of network congestion you may receive less.  Our speed is the bandwidth delivered to the point of entry into your home or business.  Actual network performance to individual computers or devices will depend on how many computers/devices are active at any one time and your internal network infrastructure of which we do not control.  For example, if you subscribe to a plan with 15 mbps download speed and you are simultaneously using a computer, tablet, and smart TV, you will not simultaneously receive 15 mbps on each device as the 15 mbps is being shared or split amongst the three devices.  Another example is where you may be using a single computer connected to an indoor WiFi router or access point, but the computer is separated from the indoor wifi unit by a significant distance or several walls.  In this case, the indoor WiFi signal may not be sufficient to support the high speed of the Internet connection that we provide to you.  


Our Network Management Practices


Unlike other wireless Internet providers, we limit the number of subscribers on each of our transmitters.  This is to minimize occurrences of congestion and to offer the you a better Internet experience.  However, we can not necessarily eliminate congestion 100% of the time.  Congestion may occur during peak times of network usage or during periods of network maintenance.  If network congestion occurs, you may notice brief pauses or slow downs in delivering real-time content.  If congestion occurs, we prioritize real-time traffic over non-real time traffic in order to improve your experience of applications such as VOIP, video conferencing, and gaming.


If you have any questions about the performance of your Internet connection, please contact us; we’re here to help!


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